Music Commissions

I'm happy to do all sorts of projects:

  • Full songs with vocals
  • Soundtracks or background music
  • Jingles, intros/outros
  • Remixing or remaking your songs
  • Anything else that needs music

Regular commissions

Base amount: $15 (Paid upfront)

Working price: $10 per hour (Paid upon completion)


UTAU/DeepVocal demo song

Pay-what-you-want ($20 minimum, paid upfront)


You may submit an order and enter the queue for free. You may remain in the queue indefinitely, and cancel at any time before you are reached. Once you reach the #1 position, you will have one week to respond before being automatically removed. Updates on the status of the queue will be posted on Twitter or optionally sent directly.


Once you have reached the top of the queue and confirmed your commission, you will pay the base amount. Payment is by PayPal invoice, which can be paid even without a PayPal account using a credit or debit card. Once the base price has been paid, you will receive short concept pieces based on the provided information. We'll discuss the concepts and decide how to continue. If you fail to receive any concept pieces within 2 weeks of paying the base amount, you should be issued a refund.


After the concept pieces are discussed, the working timer will begin. Work-in-progress renders, along with the hours and current total price, will be provided whenever significant progress has been made or whenever requested.

If you decide to cancel before the song is finished, you cannot request a refund on the base price. You may optionally pay for the hours spent so far and receive the unfinished song.


When the song is completed and the final amount is paid, you will receive the following.

Vocals only: WAV files of each vocal part, text file of lyrics and translation if applicable

Lyrics only: text file of lyrics and translation if applicable

Original music or remix:

  • WAVand MP3 of full song
  • $10 extra for commercial use rights
  • $10 extra for Cover Pack (Song + mastered/unmastered instrumental in multiple keys, vocal files if applicable)
  • $20 extra for Remix Pack (Cover Pack + project file, stems, MIDIs, guitar and bass tab, etc.)

Voicebank Demos


  • For voicebank creators/managers only
  • Single voicebank only (multipitch is okay, multi-expression is not)
  • Voicebank must be unreleased
  • Full length demo song must be included in the voicebank's demo reel upon release.
  • MP3 of demo song must be included with the voicebank upon release.