My name is Kiyoteru Lofe Adlez Dystopia.

Credit me as DystoP for music production, and Adlez27 for most everything else.

Please call me by the nickname I was using when we first met.

My real name is also fine if you already know it.


Age: 22

Birthday: May 31

Gender: Male

Location: Philippines (UTC+8)

Find me

LINE: adlez27

Discord: KLAD#0436

Snapchat: kladlez


My latest release


Principal of St. Defoko's School of UTAU

Admin of Arpasing website

Head of Phonetic Songs


Creator of

  • Dominic Schoepfer
  • Mita Souzou
  • Acorelu
  • Bexokaj
  • Aber Wen Gieval

Manager of



I'm not actually kin. My friends just keep joking that I am.

  • loaf of bread
  • Hiyama Kiyoteru
  • Dominic Schoepfer

Yes, I can kin my own OC. Please tag me if you see them.



  • English (native)
  • Japanese (N4 passer)
  • Esperanto (kabeulo)
  • Filipino (I simply pretend to understand)


  • Bring Me The Horizon
  • Architects
  • Spiritbox
  • Periphery

Video games

  • The Legend of Zelda
  • OFF by Mortis Ghost (ex-fandom)
  • IDOLM@STER SideM (ex-fandom)



  • Questionable Content
  • XKCD
  • Oglaf
  • Homestuck (ex-fandom)


  • Hello Internet
  • The Unmade Podcast
  • TryPod
  • Extremities


Head of Kaigai Kiyokura (Organizer of Kiyoteru-related collab projects)


I own

  • Sonika
  • Maika
  • Hiyama Kiyoteru V2 + V4

I want

  • Kiyoteru English SynthV

I designed Electeru (Electronic music variation of Kiyoteru)

Reference folder here.

Anyone is permitted to use this character design for any purpose, including commercial works, and with no credit necessary.




  • KZ ZSN-Pro (casual)
  • ATH-M20x (mixing)


  • Behringer UMC-22 audio interface
  • Blue Snowball microphone
  • BM-800 microphone
  • Fake SM57 microphone
  • Alesis V25 midi controller


  • Recorder
  • Ocarina of Time
  • Kazoo
  • Unknown brand acoustic guitar (Jun, left in US)
  • Unknown brand acoustic guitar (Shikiraba, broken)
  • Unknown brand acoustic guitar (unnamed)
  • Squier Strat electric guitar (Yamamura)
  • Unknown brand electric guitar (Boneless)
  • PHX MSR-5 bass guitar (Redstone)

All of my guitars are in Drop C tuning.


Samnoiro: Venkanto


  • WinterdrivE
  • AssBackwards-P/GraySlate/Yoon
  • Sors/Lenedict
  • Venkanto


"He's my friend and I don't trust him" - CantarellaRose

“He once looked at my code and told me I was a disgrace to coding, it’s the best feedback I’ve ever gotten.” - LilyMirai

"I really don't think he's cut out for idol series and he should be proud of that." - Emily

"He indoctrinated me into his UTAU cult and now I can't leave" - sangv


“this man eats bees and he made me watch” - GraySlate
"but i don't eat bees" - me
"yeah those were wasps" - sangv


"I've known this man for like three years and I still don't know how" - Argentum

"Eĉ mi ne memoras kian uzantnomon uzi por ci" - Venkanto